We can stop global warming with our beef

With the increase of global warming in the last decades, the cattle farming industry has been a large contributor by being responsible for over 14% of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That is the average cow produces 250 to 500 liters of methane everyday day.

Our startup, Kelped, makes an eco-friendly and sustainable cattle feed supplement that will help reduce these methane emissions by over 70% by one cow at a time. Our feed contains minerals and nutrients found in seaweed necessary for proven optimal cattle development, such as meat and dairy quality.

We are currently partnering with more organic, local farms and providing them with seaweed supplements. This will increase the impact of their work by incentivizing them through a wider customer reach.

Our Beef Features

printed-corrugated-box-500x500 (1).jpg

Competitive Pricing

Allows us to support local, organic farms and other eco-friendly charities

Methane emission label

Is a clear identifier of the quantity of methane successfully reduced upon the purchase of our product in comparison to the rest in the market

Cardboard packaging

Fully biodegradable package box with delivery